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Commercial Law
Communication and Office Management
Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics
Stores and Distribution
Supply Chain Management
Introduction to Business Law
Principles of Procurement and Supply
Research Project in Procurement and Supply
Procurement Governance
Strategic Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Procurement
International Procurement
Procurement Planning
Finance for Procurement
Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
Contract Law and Negotiation
Organizational Environment
Supply Chain Management Information Systems
Information Systems Project Skills
Principles of Web Development
Systems Security
Computer Mathematics
Data Communication and Computer Networks (Practical)
Software Engineering
System Analysis and Design
Structured Programming
Corporate Lending
Computer Support and Maintenance
Debt Recovery
Computer Applications – Practical
Credit Management in the Financial Sector
Alternative Investments Analysis
Banking Law and Practice
Portfolio Management
Law Governing Credit Practice
Corporate Finance
Marketing and Public Relations
Financial Institutions and Markets
Credit Management
Fundamentals of Credit Management
Principles of Accounting
Strategic Management
Human Resource Management
Business Communication
Management Information Systems
Principles and Practice of Management
Principles of Economics
Fundamentals of Management Accounting
Principles of Management
Business Studies
Logistics and Inventory Management
Contract Administration
Supply Chain Management for SMEs
Introduction to Computing
Company Law
Equity Investments Analysis
Financial Management
Governance and Secretarial Audit
Financial Reporting
Introduction to Commercial Law
Auditing and Assurance
Management Information Systems
Public Finance and Taxation
Quantitative Analysis
Strategy, Governance and Ethics
Information Systems Project Management
Advanced Public Finance and Taxation
Object Oriented Programming
Advanced Financial Reporting
Financial Mathematics
Research in Procurement
Credit Practice
Procurement Costing and Budgeting
Quantitative Analysis
Research Methods
Information Communication Technology
Organisational Behaviour
Quantitative Skills
Corporate Secretarial Practice
Procurement and Supply Relationships
Principles of Public Finance and Taxation
Supply Markets
Fundamentals of Finance
Project Management
Procurement Leadership
Home Science
Operations Management
Entrepreneurship and Communication
Category Management
Derivatives Analysis
Quantitative Techniques
International Finance
Procurement Audit and Risk Management
Foundations of Accounting
Internet Skills
Financial Markets Law
Computer Networking
Business Mathematics and Statistics
Mobile Application Development
Management Accounting
Law and Procedure of Meetings
Advanced Management Accounting
Database Systems
Advanced Financial Management
Operating Systems – Practical
Advanced Auditing and Assurance
Procurement of Consultancy Services
Regulation of Financial Markets
Financial Statements Analysis

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